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What is white label?

A white label product is an apparel product that one company makes for a boutique or online shop owner to rebrand & sell as his or her own.

Introducing 'The Collective'

MakersValley has partnered with The Boutique Hub for a unique program: The White Label Crowdfund Collective. The Collective will enable greatness by allowing fashion entrepreneurs from anywhere to create a small-batch, high-quality, ‘Made in Italy' fashion brand using MakersValley’s top white label apparel products.

Back A Design, Reach The Goal

Backers (that’s you!) can pre-order as few as 6 pieces of any one or more product. Each product has a minimum order quantity (MOQ) goal specified by the factory that manufactures it. The products that reach their goal by Midnight CST on November 10, 2019 will be sent to the MakersValley network of Italian manufacturers for small-batch production.

Watch Your Design Come to Life

Over the next 6 weeks, The Boutique Hub will send The Collective participants updates from the MakersValley platform, including cut & sew photos and videos from the factory floor.

Share those visuals with customers when you’re ready to sell to create product stories as special as your fashion brand!

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Frequestly Asked Questions

MakersValley provides individuals the opportunity to crowdfund the production of white label apparel products via an initiative known as The White Label Crowdfund Collective or The Collective. When MakersValley posts a white label product in The Collective crowdfund app catalog, they’re inviting people to back a product, by contributing their own preorders, to help that product reach its minimum order quantity (MOQ) goal set by the factory that manufactures it, so that it can go into production.

When a production order is successfully funded, MakersValley will complete the production request with the factory and fulfill each order. Participants will be notified via email of the next steps. Any shipping shipping invoices or hangtag and label order details will be finalized via email. The BoutiqueHub may share photo/video updates of order production as they choose.

Your pre-order payment, with the exception of the 3% payment processing fee, will refund to you in full.

MakersValley will ship everything to the location you enter as your shipping information at check out.

Products typically ship 6 weeks after the production order is approved. In this October round, your products will ship in early January.

MakersValley partners with UPS to ship your order from Italy to your doorstep. We will invoice you for your shipping and customs duties via email, once your order is ready to ship. Click here for more on shipping details.

MakersValley’s network of independent Italian manufacturers work with small-batch orders all the time! With The Boutique Hub & The Collective we’re able to dial in even more to deliver super micro-manufacturing for your private label.

White label is a faster and more low risk way to begin a private label apparel line. Why? Because white label fashion products are products for which a manufacturer already has a pattern. That means that you can skip the costs and time involved in sampling and go right into production.

These products are not those you wear once and toss away. These are excellent quality products crafted by third and fourth generation artisans in Italy, many of whom have worked with some of the biggest brands in luxury retail.

Follow the BoutiqueHub on Facebook or Instagram for updates on crowdfunding goals. You can also check back to the catalog anytime and see the live status of each product in The Collective campaign.

For fully funded pre-orders, after the November 11, 2019 deadline, you can either ship your brand labels and hangtags to Italy or request custom labels or hangtags through MakersValley. For the latter, we will only need your logo file (.pdf, .png, .jpeg, .ai, or .psd), and we will take care of the rest. Please email your logo to (Learn ).

No changes or cancellations are allowed to any pre-orders after they are placed. In other words, all pre-orders are final. This is to preserve the group MOQ goal for all participants.

There are no refunds or returns due to the custom nature of your order.
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